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Blue Smart Weekly Pill Organizer Box- 50 Count

Blue Smart Weekly Pill Organizer Box

Give your patients the tools they want, including pill reminders, refill reminders, pill taken recording, pill history, customized alarm tones... Automatically store your pharmacy information and deliver customized coupons and promotion message directly in patients' phones when they tap the vials.  Outshine competitions and fill your patients' prescriptions with this versatile Pill Magic smart weekly pill organizer box.

Color: Translucent Blue

Count: 50 Per Carton

Style: Smart Weekly Pill Organizer Box

Material: Plastics

Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 25 mm

Client Features:

  • custom coupon and promo msg delivery to patient's phone
  • custom company logo and support link loaded to patient's phone
  • custom product image and name loaded to patient's phone
  • custom help file loaded to patient's phone
  • all features are optional

Patient App Features:

  • instant pill reminders and refill reminder setup
  • pill reminder notification with custom alarm tones
  • instant pill history recording and viewing
  • customizable pill image, name, notes per prescription
  • receive coupons/promotions and help file